About us

The website estudarnobrasil.com.br is a way for you to get tips and suggestions for your experience as a foreign student in Brazil.
This site contains articles, articles from other sites, space to post your comment and ask questions. It is a page under construction, so your suggestion and tip may also be part.

Our desire and motivation, through the site, is to only provide a service to foreign students and make their experience in Brazil and the university the best possible.

We are part of Cru Campus, a group of students and volunteers who believe that the greatest adventure of life is to have a true and personal relationship with God through the person of Jesus. And because this adventure is too wonderful to be lonely, we need to share it with as many people as possible. To this end, we hold meetings, lectures, Bible studies, seminars, personal evangelism, discipleship, and fun gatherings. You can learn more on our fanpage. To learn more about relationship with God we have His choice.

We believe that one of the fruits of our relationship with God is service, and estudarnobrasil.com.br is a way of serving the foreign student and, in some way, helping him / her to arrive and live in Brazil.